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Classic Porsches getting OEM navigation option

Porsche's Classic Radio Navigation upgrade blends high tech with old-school style.

Porsche's Classic Radio Navigation system blends high tech with old school style.
Porsche's Classic Radio Navigation system blends high tech with old-school style. Porsche

If you're the owner and regular driver of a classic Porsche vehicle, chances are that cabin tech doesn't rank very high on your list of must-have features. However, those who would like a little high technology in their low-tech chariots traditionally have had to make do without or hack together aftermarket navigation and stereo systems that just cramp their old-school style. For these faithful few owners, Porsche is making available the Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System (Part No. 911 645 910 00).

The unit features modern guts--including a GPS navigation system, presumably upgraded audio sources and amplification, and a small color display--packed into a decidedly classic two-knob chassis that should fit flawlessly into 1963 to 1977 Porsche 911 dashboards and, hopefully, connect to existing wire harnesses without much--if any--modification. The cost of admission is about $776 U.S. (more specifically, 595 euro plus VAT in the European countries that will first see this option in October 2010).

(Source: MotoBullet)