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Chinese-built Tesla Model 3 will be some 13% cheaper, bypassing tariffs

Buyers will have to wait a bit, though, as the Shanghai plant isn't functional yet.

Tesla Alaska Testing Facility
Nick Miotke/Roadshow

Last week, Bloomberg published Tesla's estimated costs for the upcoming China-built Tesla Model 3. Now, Tesla has confirmed some of these numbers, and it appears Bloomberg wasn't too far off.

Tesla said on Friday that it would price the locally built Model 3 for Chinese markets from 328,000 yuan (about $47,500). Bloomberg estimated the price at or just above 300,000 yuan (about $43,400) -- it's unclear if Bloomberg's sources included value-added tax in the estimation, but the price mentioned above does include that tax, although it doesn't include any subsidies.

That money will get you a Tesla Model 3 with an estimated 286 miles of range, but buyers will have to be fine with waiting. Right now, delivery estimates are set at 6 to 10 months, since its Shanghai facility isn't quite up and running yet. Considering the current cheapest US-built Model 3 in China is 377,000 yuan (about $54,600), thanks in part to the current round of trade-war tariffs, that's a solid savings in exchange for a bit of patience.

Chinese Model 3s will range in price from 328,000 yuan to 522,000 yuan (about $75,600). Buyers who want to save their spot in the queue will need to plunk down 20,000 yuan (about $2,900). There are also financing options available starting from 1,100 yuan (about $159) per month, according to Reuters.

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