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China puts its terrifying elevated bus through first public test

The public transport of the future is here: It's cheaper than an underground train system, it glides above traffic and frankly it gives us the heebie-jeebies.


If the image of a bus that resembles a mechanical millipede devouring cars tickles you, maybe consider moving to China.

The country on Tuesday trialled its new TEB-1, or Transit Elevated Bus, for the first time, according to state-run press agency Xinhua. The impressive and rather alarming vehicle -- imagine being literally overtaken by it -- houses passengers 4.8 meters (15.6 feet) above the road, and was first revealed as a concept back in May.

Raised up on rails on either side of a two-lane highway, the "straddling bus" glides over China's notoriously intense traffic and is much cheaper than building an underground train system, according to The Guardian. Each TEB-1 carries up to 300 people.

The video below gives you a computer-generated view of the public transport of the future.

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