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Chevy to show production-spec Volt at Paris

Chevy to show production-spec Volt at Paris

The production version of the Chevy Volt will be less exotic than the original concept. GM

The batteries may not be ready yet, but Chevrolet is planning to show a production specification version of its electric-powered Volt at this year's Paris auto show. According to a report from the U.K.'s Channel 4 News, the Volt will be shown at the October show with an electric power train and auxiliary gasoline engine in similar configuration to that of the original concept, which debuted at Detroit last year. However, an official teaser shot of the production Volt released by GM suggests that the Paris-bound production version of the four-seater may lose some of the dashing curves of the original concept.

Meanwhile, Nissan has announced that it has partnered with NEC to start mass production of lithium-ion batteries at a plant in Japan. According to Automotive News, the initial capacity of the facility will be 13,000 batteries a year. The batteries will likely be used to power the electric car that Nissan plans to have on sale in the United States and Japan by 2010.

Source: Channel 4 / Just Auto (subscription required)