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Chevy SUV buyers adore RS, Midnight packages, so there will be more

One-third of all compact and midsize Chevy SUVs are RS trims. Yeah, people like the "sport" in "sport utility vehicle."

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The Equinox is in for the RS treatment next year.


People want more sport in their sport utility vehicles -- or at least the folks buying SUVs from Chevrolet do. On Wednesday, the brand said it plans to significantly expand the availability of its RS trim, Sport and Midnight packages because buyers can't get enough of them.

In other words, definitely expect any new or refreshed Chevy SUV to double down on black-out packages and extra flair on the RS trims or other associated sporty variants. One in three compact and midsize SUVs Chevy sold this year wear the RS badge, the automaker said. Specifically, 25% of Trailblazer buyers opt for the RS trim and one-third of all Blazer buyers choose the trim. The badge will soon land on the Equinox as well for the 2022 model year. Chevy was supposed to roll out the refreshed model with a new RS trim for 2021, but the coronavirus pandemic pushed plans back a year.

The Redline package is also mighty popular, especially for Traverse customers. Chevy said 60% of all buyers who want to go home with a Premier trim add the Redline package to their SUV, which races up the family hauler just a smidge. 

And how can we forget about the Midnight editions that sprawl across the brand's lineup? The brand said one in five Trax models sold is a Midnight edition.

We've definitely seen a big trend in automakers equipping cars from the factory with a little more pizazz. That's doubly true for SUVs, as automakers look to capture some of the massive amounts of money spent in the aftermarket on factory-backed accessories and gear. At Chevy, don't expect it to let up any time soon.

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