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Chevy Silverado EV teases its 24-inch wheels and 4-wheel steering

The electric pickup truck will rock some massive wheels, and sport a pretty incredible turning radius.

It looks like Chevrolet is ready to kick off a teaser campaign for its upcoming electric pickup truck. On Wednesday, Chevy showed off the electric Silverado's enormous 24-inch wheels and touted its four-wheel steering capability. This is the first time the brand has dived into what we can expect from the electric truck after simply announcing there will be an electric Silverado in the near future. We still don't have a hard date, but teasers suggest the company's ready to hype a reveal soon.

As for the four-wheel steer system, Chevy promises it will let the pickup maneuver in a far more agile fashion than your typical Silverado, and it should help when it comes to trailering too. As for the 24-inch wheels, Chevy just wanted to toss that out there and didn't mention much else. Those will be absolutely massive wheels, though, and their size raises a lot of questions about how they may perform on rough patches of road. Surely engineers thought about this more than I have. Just don't expect the 24-inch wheels across the board; they'll be optional.

Speaking of options, the brand said there will be plenty of them when it decides to reveal the Silverado EV in full. Expect versions for commercial and fleet buyers, plus a slew of variants for retail truck buyers, too. When it hits the road, it'll eventually have the Ford F-150 Lightning, an electric Ram pickup and other EV trucks to fight for sales with.