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Chevy LS7-based crate engine makes 570 HP for your next project car

It's dubbed the LS427/570 and sports a number of upgrades over the LS7 engine we saw in production.

Chevrolet LS427/570 crate engine
No replacement for displacement, as they say.

Engine swappers, meet a new candidate for project cars. Chevrolet last Friday revealed the LS7-based LS427/570 crate engine that packs all the goodness of the past Chevy Corvette Z06 engine with a handful of upgrades to make it even better.

Chief among the differences is horsepower. While the factory 7.0-liter LS7 V8 made 505 hp and 470 pound-feet of torque, the gearheads at the Bowtie brand have tweaked things to put out 570 hp and 540 lb-ft of torque. Best of call, this is still a naturally aspirated engine, so it still relies on the whole "no replacement for displacement" ideal to make big power. And 570 hp isn't anything to scoff at.

Changes to the engine include a new high-lift camshaft and a wet-sump oiling system. The latter means the LS427/570 doesn't require a separate oil tank, lines and other components like the regular LS7 needed. Other nifty additions to the crate engine include Camaro Z/28 exhaust manifolds, CNC ported aluminum cylinder heads with titanium intake valves and high-rate valve springs unique to the engine.

There's no official price yet, but Chevy has opened order books for the crate engine through its various dealers and retailers. Wherever this engine finds a home, it'll surely be a beast. That is, as long as it's for competition use only, as Chevy says.

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