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Chevy concept Orlando to debut in Paris

CNET Car Tech takes a look at the just-announced Chevy Orlando concept.

Chevy Orlando
The Chevy Orlando concept debuts at the Paris Motor Show. General Motors

Having had success with the Malibu, Chevy reaches towards the East Coast to try its luck with Orlando. This new concept car, which incorporates design language seen in the Malibu and the production version of the Volt, will be shown at the Paris Motor Show. The Orlando is based on the same platform as the new compact Chevy Cruze, which also debuts in Paris, and shows the flexibility of that platform for small and large cars. Although GM doesn't use the term in its press release, the Orlando concept fits the crossover segment. The closest thing Chevy has previously had to a crossover is the HHR. The press release describes the Orlando as exploring "the potential of combining the versatility attributes of a sport utility, a family van, and a wagon in a single execution."

Chevy Orlando interior
The interior shows a controller similar to what Infiniti uses. General Motors

The front of the car actually looks pretty good, although the rear has an unfortunate Pontiac Aztek look. The interior photo reveals a pretty well teched-out cabin, with a dashboard built to house an LCD and a multifunction controller knob reminiscent of that found in Infiniti models. As the Orlando concept is being unveiled in Europe, GM specifies a 2-liter turbocharged diesel engine that produces 150 horsepower.

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