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Chevy's got a fix for Colorado ZR2 off-road airbag deployments

Colorado ZR2 owners were experiencing airbag deployments during mild off-roading, but now Chevrolet wants to make it right.

2019 Chevy Colorado ZR2
 The Colorado ZR2 is built to tackle serious trails but it's hard to do that with your airbags deploying on you.

Back in September, we wrote about how owners of Chevrolet's off-road-focused Colorado ZR2 were experiencing airbag deployments during relatively mild off-road driving. Chevrolet has been working on a solution, and it confirmed to Roadshow on Thursday that it will be rolling out a fix immediately.

The solution involves a software recalibration of the side curtain airbag systems that should prevent them from deploying in situations where it isn't warranted. Chevy is referring to this as a Customer Satisfaction Initiative and says that the software will be updated free of charge upon a ZR2's next dealer visit.

For the ZR2 owners who already spent several thousand dollars fixing their trucks after their airbags went off, Chevrolet is working to reimburse their repair costs provided the vehicle's sensor data can corroborate the owner's story.

"We are incredibly proud of the ZR2 and the off-road capability it offers, and are encouraged to see customers are using the truck as intended," a Chevrolet representative said in an email to Roadshow.

Colorado ZR2 owners with questions or concerns should reach out to their local dealer or Chevrolet Customer Assurance for further information.