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Chevy Blazer gets a third row to seat seven -- in China

Don't get too excited -- there are zero plans to bring this SUV stateside.

Chevrolet Blazer three-row China
This Blazer is only for China with its unique 7-seat configuration.

At Chevrolet, those in need of three rows of seats need to immediately look at the brand's massive crossovers and SUVs. Both the Chevy Traverse and Suburban will do the trick, while the 2020 Chevy Blazer makes do with two rows. On the other side of the world, that's not case.

Chevy has pulled the wraps off the Blazer for the Chinese market and it comes with three full rows of seats. Consider this a GMC Acadia or Cadillac XT6 with a different wrapper. Both of those offer three rows of seating with room for seven passengers, but the US Blazer handles five at a time. Each of them also share a platform, dubbed C1XX, making them close family members. Models with three rows use an extended version of the C1XX architecture.

If a larger Blazer ticks another box, it's not going to happen. Despite wide speculation a three-row Blazer was on General Motors' list for a US introduction, a Chevy representative confirmed with Roadshow there are no plans to bring the three-row version here. Shoppers, steer yourselves back to a GMC dealer for an Acadia.

Aside from the extended behind, this is very much the Blazer we know in the US. The front still sports its squinty-eyed look with a few design muscular lines running along the side. Chevrolet China did not, humorously, provide any photos of the three-row Blazer's interior to show off how the packaging looks.

The brand also didn't name powertrain choices, but said the Blazer will only come in RS and Redline variants -- two models that "meet the unique preferences" of Chinese car buyers. While the 2020 Blazer is on sale now in the US, Chinese buyers will find their larger Blazer on sale in the first half of 2020.

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