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Chevrolet's next fuel-cell concept is unlike any you've seen before

It's based on a Chevrolet Colorado, but going off the teaser image, it's way cooler than an EV wrapped in a truck body.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok
Watch this: AutoComplete: GM teases its Army-spec Colorado fuel cell concept
Colorado Fuel Cell Concept
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Colorado Fuel Cell Concept

If only the production model looked this beefy...


General Motors might be making a push toward electrification, but its efforts aren't relegated to battery-electric vehicles alone. In fact, it's digging deep into hydrogen fuel-cell technology, as well, and it's built a positively badass concept in conjunction with the US Army to test the fruits of its labors.

The fuel-cell concept, based off the Chevrolet Colorado, will be put to the test with the US Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC). This partnership will allow the Army to use consumer-based tech for military applications, and it gives GM real-world information on fuel-cell applications that aren't exactly traditional.

Fuel cells could bring a number of benefits to the military. This type of powertrain is quiet, and it can be used to generate power far from the beaten path. The only byproduct of a hydrogen fuel cell is water, which can come in handy, as well.

Before today, we'd only seen a closeup of one corner, but this new image gives us the vehicle's beefy silhouette. While it's based off the Colorado, it's quite apparent from the lighting signature alone that things are radically different from the production model. No, it's probably not a preview of the next-generation Colorado, sadly.

We'll finally get to see what Chevrolet is hiding this October, when the vehicle is unveiled at an Association of the United States Army meeting in Washington, D.C. Following the unveiling, the Army will be conducting vehicle assessments and demonstrations.