Chevrolet teases the Silverado ZR2 off-road truck in the mud

The off-road trim that we love in the Colorado is making its way to Chevy's full-size truck range this fall.

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2021 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2
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2021 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

The off-road-focused ZR2 trim level is coming to the Silverado.

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is bringing the off-road-focused ZR2 trim that you know and love from the Colorado midsize pickup to its bigger brother, the Silverado, Chevy tweeted Wednesday.

The tweet doesn't show us much, just a roaring engine and lots of muddy suspension and tire shots. Still, going off what we know from the Colorado ZR2, we can reasonably assume a few things. Among these is the likelihood that Chevy will slap a new suspension on the thing, which will probably feature some trick Multimatic shocks. We also expect there will be some off-road-focused toughening up of the truck's underbody, aka skid plates. 

The Silverado ZR2 will likely have its sights set on the likes of Ford's Tremor and Ram's Power Wagon models, and given how competent the littler ZR2 is off-road, we expect it'll have no trouble keeping up with its peers from Stellantis and the Blue Oval.

Chevrolet didn't offer up any specific dates for the Silverado ZR2's debut, but it did give the general time frame of fall 2021. Until then, we're probably in for a few more teasers, at the very least.

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