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Chevrolet gives us a sneak peek of the new Volt at CES 2015

Curious what the next-generation Volt is going to look like? Chevrolet just gave us a little look at CES 2015.

This is it, Chevy's next-generation Volt
Tim Stevens/CNET
This is it, Chevy's next-generation Volt. Tim Stevens/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- General Motors won't spill all the beans on the new Chevy Volt until next week's North American International Auto Show in Detroit, but the company did give us a little peek of the thing here at the International CES. At a private event ahead of the show opening properly, Chevy gave us a brief -- just 30 second -- look at the new car.

It was quick, but we were shown a much more purposeful front-end of the thing, which features an aggressive, angular facia. It's also shown in sedan form, and the rear looks to sweep downward dramatically like the current Volt -- but that was a little hard to tell since we got such a brief peek.

Tim Stevens/CNET

Chevy says that the Volt has saved more than 25 billion gallons of fuel and that its owners are averaging 900 miles per tank of gas. That's quite impressive.

Chevy also took the time to talk up its in-car LTE connectivity, which will be available as part of its OnStar with 4G LTE service, rolling out across the brand this year. And, there are the updates to OnStar, too.

Not a lot of information to share at this point, dear readers, so you'll just have to check in this time next week when we're up in Detroit and can bring you all the juicy details.

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