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Chevy Corvette Drivers Series celebrates racing achievements with style

Four specific Corvette Racing drivers inspired these appearance packages.

Chevrolet Corvette Drivers Edition

While the world waits with bated breath for the midengine Corvette, Chevrolet still has some special editions up its sleeve for the current Corvette C7 model.

Chevrolet on Friday unveiled the Corvette Drivers Series special edition. Available in four distinct styles, these appearance packages build upon the already-excellent Corvette Grand Sport trim, which blends the handling prowess of the Z06 with the 460-horsepower base V8 for something a bit more approachable.

Each model carries the name of a specific Corvette Racing driver and a unique style. Below is a quick breakdown of the styles:

  • The Tommy Milner Edition sports blue paint, silver stripes, red hash marks, red brake calipers and black wheels. It has a black interior with red seat belts.
  • The Oliver Gavin Edition rocks gray paint, a red center stripe and hash marks, carbon-fiber mirrors and black wheels with a red stripe and red brake calipers. The interior is also red, as are the seatbelts. Somebody really likes red, eh?
  • The Jan Magnussen Edition starts with a white exterior and adds red stripes, gray hash marks and black wheels with a red stripe and red brake calipers. The interior is once again black with red seatbelts, but red stitching comes along for the ride if the buyer opts for the highest 3LT equipment package.
  • The Antonio García Edition bears yellow paint with a black stripe between the hood vent and the windshield, along with red hash marks, carbon fiber mirrors and -- you guessed it -- black wheels with a red stripe and red calipers. Inside, there's a black interior and, if the 3LT package is chosen, yellow stitching.

No matter the edition, all cars get a plaque inside specific to whichever driver's car is chosen. There's also some unique interior trim, including -- on 3LT models only -- carbon fiber bits. 1LT and 2LT buyers will have to do without that little extra bit of flash.

The Corvette Drivers Series cars go on sale in the spring. 1LT and 2LT versions will add $4,995 to the car's bottom line, while 3LT models will command an extra $5,995. For context, a base Grand Sport 1LT starts at $65,900, while the 3LT commands $76,740.

Corvette Grand Sport: It's the just-right porridge of Corvettes.

Corvette ZR1: Go big or go home.