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March update bringing Android Auto to 2016 Chevrolet MyLink vehicles

The American automaker details what cars will receive the Google software update and when.

A software update coming in March 2016 will bring Android Auto into the dashboards of most of the Chevrolet's 2016 lineup of passenger cars, trucks and SUVs that feature the MyLink infotainment system.


Android Auto , Google's dashboard replacement software for its Android mobile OS, takes select music streaming apps, Google Maps navigation and contextual Google Now information away from the tiny smartphone screen and puts them on the large touchscreen in your car's dashboard, simplifying to low-distraction visuals with a heavy emphasis on voice command and eyes-free interaction along the way. The software is completely powered by a smartphone, but requires a compatible host car to make use of the touchscreen, speakers and microphone; hence the requirement for a software update.

Earlier this year, Chevrolet committed to bringing Android Auto and Apple's analogous CarPlay software to 14 of its vehicles. The 2016 model year vehicles began getting the Apple CarPlay portion of the update in June, coincidental with the launch of the new Corvette. We now know that owners of compatible Chevrolet vehicles will be able add Android Auto to their bag of MyLink tricks as part of a software update due in March 2016.

A representative for Chevrolet tells us that "owners will need to go to a Chevrolet dealer to get the update," so on the surface this doesn't sound like a DIY solution. With the new software in place, drivers will be able to access Android Auto by plugging a compatible smartphone running the Android Lollipop 5.0 operating system into the MyLink system's USB port.

2016 models eligible to receive the update include:

2016 models w/ 7-inch MyLink2016 models w/ 8-inch MyLink
Cruze (except Limited trim)Cruze (except Limited trim)
Malibu (except Limited trim)Malibu (except Limited trim)
Camaro and Camaro ConvertibleCamaro and Camaro Convertible
Silverado and Silverado HD

Silverado and Silverado HD

Corvette and Corvette Convertible

With only a few exceptions, that's the majority of the Chevrolet's 2016 lineup, which makes the American automaker the brand with the most announced Android Auto- and Apple CarPlay-compatible models to date.