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Check out Audi, BMW and Mercedes at Detroit in 360 degrees

Can't make it to the show? We'll bring you right into the heart of the German auto industry by way of Michigan.

Want to check out the latest German offerings in 360-degree video? You're in the right place.

Nobody wants to come to Detroit in January. Thankfully, Roadshow is more than willing to bite the bullet and cover the 2017 Detroit auto show for our lovely, undoubtedly attractive readers. And because it's the 21st century, we're bringing you into the booths in 360 degrees. Strap on your headsets, VR fans.


Audi brought both concepts and production models to Detroit. Its Q8 concept is a mean, chiseled son of a gun that'll eventually make its way to production, although perhaps with less extreme styling. The SQ5, on the other hand, is ready to hit the road with 354 horsepower and the attractive countenance of the all-new 2018 Q5.


BMW didn't bring anything new to the show, per se. It unveiled the 5 Series back in 2016, and we've already driven it, but there are two new variants arriving in Detroit. The 530e iPerformance is a plug-in hybrid, whereas the M550i is a sportier sedan meant to slot under the eventual M5.


Mercedes is on a tear in Detroit. It unveiled a refreshed GLA-Class, although the updates are on the light side, focusing on small tweaks here and there. Detroit also marked the auto show debut of the E-Class Coupe, which has a positively curvaceous rear end. Finally, it introduced the AMG GT C coupe, a new variant that slots between the hot-to-trot GT R and the more "pedestrian" GT S.