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ChargePoint adds 10,000 EV chargers... by buying GE's network

That's one way to do it.

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There are two ways to expand a company's EV charging network. The most obvious way is to, you know, build more chargers. The second way -- the path that ChargePoint just took -- is to buy someone else's network.

ChargePoint announced that it purchased GE's EV charging network this week. This will add approximately 1,800 commercial and 8,000 residential charging spots to its already extensive network. Not counting the new acquisition, ChargePoint claims more than 35,000 chargers.

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ChargePoint's Home charger features Nest compatibility, for all those smart-home aficionados out there.

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"We are excited to expand our network with the acquisition of GE's network and have worked closely with the GE team to ensure a seamless transition for customers and drivers," said Pasquale Romano, CEO of ChargePoint, in a statement. "We are growing globally and are the best equipped to bring former GE customers and drivers into the ChargePoint family."

Owners of these stations might be concerned that ChargePoint is going to do something drastic, but its FAQ page puts that to rest. The stations will continue to operate as normal, and ChargePoint will honor all existing GE warranties. Sounds like a pretty easy transition.

As for EV owners out and about, nothing should change whatsoever. GE chargers will operate as normal, with drivers purchasing electrons as usual. The branding will change, sure, but not much else should.

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