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Challenger SRT Demon teaser shows how Dodge keeps the power down

And it also shows how the car will help keep the driver planted firmly in the seat.

When you're building a car for the drag strip, you have to account for stresses that ordinary street cars would never experience. It seems the heavily trailed Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has taken that into account.

The latest teaser for the drag-strip Demon, which will debut at the 2017 New York Auto Show, talks all about "race-hardened" parts. Its high-strength steel driveshaft is 20 percent thicker and increases torque capacity by 15 percent. The differential housing uses a heat-treated aluminum alloy and stronger gear material to handle 30 percent more torque.

To prevent the dreaded wheel hop, which can damage drivetrain components as the tires quickly gain and lose traction over and over, Dodge's launch control system will lower torque output at the first sign of slippage. There's also a four-point harness bar in place of the back seat, which should keep the driver from hopping about, too. Of course, it has a Demon logo on it.

We're just a few weeks away from its NY unveil in April, which is good, because Dodge has to be running out of teaser material by now.