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CES 2022: Cadillac InnerSpace concept is a roadgoing spaceship

Designed to be a luxury lounge on wheels, this long and low design study seats just two and has a pop-up roof and a swiveling, split bench seat.

Cadillac InnerSpace Concept - front
This concept has serious presence.

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Cadillac just unveiled an exciting new concept car at CES 2022. Yes, a car. The brand's supersleek InnerSpace design study is an honest-to-goodness two-door -- not a truck, an SUV or even a crossover. More streamlined than a ballistic missile, the InnerSpace demonstrates what Cadillac thinks personal, autonomous mobility will look like in the coming decades.

Starting outside, the InnerSpace's low, almost lozengelike body is super futuristic. That arcing roofline and long, drawn-out tail make it look like a roadgoing spaceship, and more than a touch like the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX concept that was also recently unveiled. Front and center is your typical Cadillac face, which doesn't seem to fit this vehicle all that well, but hey, those gorgeous wheels sure don't hurt, and they're wrapped in special eco-friendly Goodyear tires that are made of soybean oil and rice husk-based silica.

As its name suggests, the InnerSpace is designed to be a luxury lounge on wheels. You access the two-seat interior by popping the doors and roof. Yes, the roof as well. That largely glass top is hinged at the front fenders and raises up quite high in the air, too.

The InnerSpace's roof pops up so you can get inside.


Open 'er wide, and you get a great look at the cabin, which appears to have plenty of rich materials and offers sprawl-out amounts of legroom thanks to battery modules that are spread around the vehicle rather than lumped in one place, like under the floor. That single, loveseatlike chair is also split down the middle, so each half can pivot outward to make ingress and egress simpler, just like some Chrysler Corporation vehicles offered back in the 1950s and '60s.

This Cadillac concept is also fitted with a massive screen that takes up practically the entire dashboard. It provides augmented reality, entertainment and wellness options while you're cruising along, not driving along, because this puppy is supposed to be fully autonomous. There's no steering wheel or pedals, so unless you pilot it with a PlayStation controller, it's driving itself.

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This futuristic design study is part of Cadillac's Halo Concept Portfolio, which also includes a boxy autonomous bus and a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Far-out stuff that will probably never be produced.

Of course, we have no idea when or even if the InnerSpace will ever get built (it probably won't), but it's not hard to imagine at least some of this car's ambitious features making their way to future production vehicles… well, everything except for that pop-up roof.