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Carl Long: A (rare) moment to remember

To coincide with this week's announcement that NASCAR's suspension of driver Carl Long for the next 12 Sprint Cup races, I present this wild car flip involving Long from Rockingham 2004.

Earlier this week, I explained that I had chosen to focus on NASCAR for this week's blog because they had been in the news quite a bit lately. It turns out that it was a somewhat prophetic statement, as just a few days ago NASCAR made headlines again for suspending driver Carl Long for the next 12 Sprint Cup races. Not only that, but his chief crew member Charles Swing was fined $200,000, a record-setting fine for NASCAR. In addition, Long was penalized 200 points, another new NASCAR high. Story has it that Long and Swing were put in check for Long's vehicle sportin' an engine that was too big for NASCAR specifications last weekend. Swing and Long are now on probation until Dec. 31. As if that weren't enough, NASCAR even put the smackdown on Long's wife and car owner Danielle Long, who was suspended for 12 races, docked owner points and placed on probation until Dec. 31 as well. All I gotta say about that is...DAMN!!! Apparently if you're gonna (allegedly) cheat in NASCAR, you'd better do it on the low.

Despite all the press Carl Long has received lately for his alleged guffaws, there is very little in the way of exciting videos or racing history to celebrate in Long's career. In fact, he hasn't appeared in a points-paying Cup race in three years. On the other hand, if you dig NASCAR wipeout vids, this is a doozY. In fact, this may be one of the most amazing (and scary) wrecks I've ever seen. Pulled from the 2004 Subway 400, Long's car (#46) ends up flipping over several times before coming to a screeching halt. The video is replayed a few times from different angles so one can see all the perspectives of how thrilling and chilling a NASCAR crash can truly be.