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BMW M2 or Audi RS3: Entry-level performance, grown-up fun

They might be the cheapest way of getting yourself on one of the most sought-after performance badges on the market but between the BMW M2 and the Audi RS3, which is best?

The BMW M2 and Audi RS3 are entry-level cars to two of the most desirable performance badges around. Although they don't have the power and performance of some of their bigger brothers and sisters, these grown-up cars are two of the best on the road today.

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But which is best? Both are closely matched on the stat sheet and cost about the same at roughly $55,000. The differences come in the form of available gearboxes. The BMW offers a manual or a dual-clutch option, compared with the Audi's automatic-only setup. The other difference is in the number of driven wheels that are available: The BMW is rear-wheel-drive while the Audi boasts all-wheel-drive.

The only way to truly tell is to take both to some great driving roads and test them back to back, which is exactly what Carfection has done.

The mountain roads of Southern Wales can be the perfect place for a drive and Henry Catchpole used that gorgeous backdrop as the scoreboard for these two German sports coupes.

Watch the video to find out which car comes out on top. You'll find that perhaps they aren't as closely matched as you may have thought.