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Car2Stop: Car2Go shuts down services in San Diego

After five years of service, Daimler's car-sharing operation puts its focus on other locations.

Car2Go already seems to have scrubbed any San Diego pictures from its site.


Car2Go, a subsidiary of Mercedes parent company Daimler, has offered car sharing in the US for the last five years. It's launched in multiple locations across the country, but now, it's closed its doors in San Diego, where the whole thing started.

Car sharing has proven to be profitable in the US, but Daimler may have bitten off more than it could chew. Even after switching from a fleet of electrics to gas cars, San Diego residents still weren't flocking to the service in appreciable numbers. Thus, it plans to shutter the service on December 31, 2016, in order to focus its attention on other, more profitable cities.

The 42,000 San Diegans who used the service might be miffed, and rightfully so, considering Car2Go offers a lifetime subscription. Thankfully, that subscription can still be used in other US cities, like Denver or Seattle. That'll come in handy for vacations and the like, but it won't improve mobility within San Diego's city limits.

Car2Go charges 41 cents per minute (or $14.99 per hour, or $84.99 per day) to use its vehicle fleet. There are no additional charges for parking or fuel. Vehicles are claimed using Car2Go's app, which also unlocks the vehicle. The most common car in Car2Go's fleet is the Smart Fortwo, which, if I'm being honest, might be hampering its viability for larger families or folks who prefer a car larger than a living room recliner.