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Car2Go gets fancy by adding Mercedes-Benz vehicles to its fleet

Daimler's car-sharing service now includes the Mercedes CLA and GLA.

Upgrading to a Benz from a Smart won't break the bank.


Car2Go, a subsidiary of Mercedes' parent company, Daimler, is performing a substantial upgrade to its car sharing fleet with the addition of Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class and GLA-Class models. Compared to the most common vehicle in the Car2Go fleet, the Smart Fortwo, the pair of Benz vehicles brings higher levels of luxury, features and space to carry up to five passengers.

Customers in Seattle, Portland, Austin, Texas and Washington DC will the first in the US to experience the CLA and GLA in the fleet beginning today. Additional markets will be added throughout the year. Car2Go says that by the end of 2017 most of its North American fleet to be made up of the two Benz models to serve its 800,000-plus members.

Not surprisingly, springing for one of the Mercedes cars instead of the Smart does comes at a slight price premium. For example, in Portland the Fortwo costs users $15 per hour and $59 per day, while the Benzes are $19 per hour and $79 per day. However, for a limited time, Car2Go will charge the same 41-cents-per-minute rate for the CLA and GLA as the Fortwo. There are no additional charges for parking or fuel. Vehicles are claimed using Car2Go's app, which also unlocks the vehicle.