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Car Tech: Peugeot 308 shows even diesels can rock

Forget supercars, hot hatches and convertible pimp-mobiles -- for the moment -- we've just fallen in love with a diesel Peugeot 308 S

We've put aside all our prejudices this week. We could easily have brought you videos of the technology inside supercars, hot hatches or convertibles, but we've taken the path of the common man in delivering you a tech-oriented video of the Peugeot 308 S.

Yes, we know it's a diesel. But don't let that put you off. Peugeot knows that even hen-pecked family men need gadgets to play with, and the 308 S delivers these by the spoon-load. Our favourite additions include an electronic speed-limiting system that prevents you from going above whatever speed you set it to.

Then there's the in-dash MP3 system, integrated iPod connector, an eight-speaker sound system with optional subwoofer, and the coup de grace: a panoramic sunroof with an electrically sliding cover. It's like being in a convertible, except seagulls can't deposit their fishy gifts in your hair.

Watch as we put it through its paces. -Rory Reid

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