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Car Tech: Peugeot 207 GTi THP 175 Octane white-hot hatch

Our love for the 207 GTi Octane is greater than any mother could give her offspring. We held it tightly to our bosom, fed it, then drove the backside off it down the backstreets of London

Our love for cars is greater than any mother could give her offspring. We hold them tightly to our bosom, feed them, then drive the backside off them down the back streets of London. Hard.

One of our favourite 'whips' to date is the Peugeot 207 GTi THP 175 Octane edition. It's a hot hatchback with more high-tech gadgets than CES and more performance than is good for the state of your licence.

Rain-sensitive wipers? Check. 30GB hard drive for stashing your music? Check. Sat-nav? Yup. Auto-directional headlights? Fo' sho'. In-dash mobile phone system? Yes! It even has its own sunglasses, or as Peugeot would say, an athermic windscreen to reflect UV light.

The engine, co-built by BMW, produces 175 ponies so it'll go from 0-60mph in 7.1 seconds and top out at 137mph -- great news if you've just remembered you've left the iron on at home.

We've just tested this bad boy to within an inch of its life in our latest Car Tech video. If you're into technology and fast cars you really can't afford to miss it. Press play and get involved! -Rory Reid

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