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Car Tech helps you navigate the birds and the bees

A car can say a lot about a person. CNET has chosen the five cars that represent the types of people you are likely to date, from very green Nissan Leaf to the outdoorsy Subaru Impreza.

During your dating life, you will meet many a prospective life partner, and their cars will serve as a good indication of their personalities, likes, and dislikes.

You can tell a lot about a person by the car they drive, and some cars say more than others. In some cases, the message conveyed by these cars will let you know you have found a home. In others, that you should start looking for the closest exit. Look fondly on these cars, even if they represent the one that got away, or the one that was a total psycho, because after the wedding and the kids some, you will be driving a minivan.

The greenie
The hard-core environmentalist does not wear leather and eats only locally grown vegetables and grains. You will like the smooth ride provided by this person's Nissan Leaf, but will get tired of endless rants about the difficulty of finding electricity that only comes from solar, wind, or water. Likewise, an overnight trip to a bed and breakfast will likely be out of the question due to the Leaf's range.

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The urban warrior
Your dedicated city dweller will take you to museums, operas, and the symphony. You will get the scoop on all the newest restaurants, while enjoying the convenience of fantastically easy parking close to each destination in this person's Scion iQ. But while the car could certainly manage a trip to the countryside, the urban devotee won't want to cross the city's borders, reasoning everything you need can be found in the urban landscape.

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The sports fan
Some sort of professional sport is always in season, and your dedicated fan will have a favorite team based on either hometown or current residence. This person's Chrysler 300 will provide comfortable and thrilling transport to local stadiums and friends' houses for big game gatherings. But you might get tired of having all your road trips planned around visiting historic ballparks.

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The Ivy Leaguer
This person dresses well and received entree to the corridors of power as a birthright. The Porsche Cayman, a graduation present, may serve as a symbol of that power, but is also a damn fun car to be carted around in for a weekend in the Hamptons or Carmel. But this beau's endless talk of politics and high finance could wear thin.

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The outdoors type
Every iota of free time is spent mountain biking, snowboarding, or rock climbing by this person, and every weekend will involve a run up to the mountains. Naturally, this date will choose a Subaru, not only because of its all-wheel-drive, but because all his or her friends have Subarus. You will get to see amazing vistas and experience serious adrenaline rushes, but sometimes you might want to just spend a Sunday watching TV and eating a pizza.

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