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Car Tech: Ford Focus CC-3 voice-controlled car-bot

The Ford Focus CC-3 is the Optimus Prime (well, Bumblebee) of cars you can actually buy. It has a folding metallic hard top and pretty much everything inside it can be voice controlled

Convertible or coupe? Coupe or convertible? That, friends, is the sort of thing that keeps us awake at night. Thankfully, however, we no longer have to choose. Ford has teamed up with Pininfarina -- the guys who help design Ferraris -- to produce a car that is both convertible and coupe. And it has loads of tech inside!

Meet the Ford Focus CC-3, the Optimus Prime (well, maybe Bumblebee) of cars you can actually buy. Not only does its metallic hard top rise, contort and disappear into the boot like some crazy metallic origami gadget on wheels, but pretty much everything inside it can be controlled by your voice.

Want to skip CD tracks, change the radio frequency or set the precise temperature in the cabin? Just hit the voice-activation button, say the words, and the Focus CC does the rest. It's just as well, because the centre console housing the touchscreen sat-nav looks like mission control at NASA.

Obviously there's more, but we won't spoil it for you with pointless words. Watch the video to see what this baby can do, then tell us what you think below. -Rory Reid

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