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Car designs on the Paris stage

Paris fashions aren't just shoes and miniskirts. Auto show focus turns to horsepower, high tech and highway handling.

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Paris fashions aren't just shoes, scarves and miniskirts. When the auto industry comes to town, the focus turns to horsepower, high tech and highway handling.

Chevy WTCC ultra concept

video Based on a rally car, it has a fiberglas and carbon-fiber exterior and rubberized coating for the dash.
October 3, 2006

No speed limits at Paris Auto Show

photos More than 65 cars from around the world are making their public debut, from a low-slung Citroen hybrid to China's Wingle and Fiat's Multipla Multi-Eco.
October 2, 2006

Honda's energy alternatives

video The Japanese carmaker shows off its Civic Hybrid Sports concept, its FCX concept and a Home Energy Station.
October 2, 2006

Porsche updates the Targa

video Get a first look at the newest version of the Targa, with panaromic glass roof, cargo access, and all-wheel drive.
October 2, 2006

New model launches

photos CNET Car Tech looks at new cars, including the sleek Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG, a not-so-stodgy Volvo and an SUV called Qashqai.
October 2, 2006

Citroen C-Metisse epitomizes the alternative future

blog More than being a blueprint for a possible production vehicle, the C-Metisse is a twofold statement of the prevailing wisdom in the auto world.
September 28, 2006

2007 Chrysler Sebring's MyGIG

blog Are you ready to rip CDs and upload movies direct to your dashboard?
September 28, 2006

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Classic VW camper gets tech treatment

photos Can a relic from the Flower Power movement set down new roots in the Digital Age?
September 29, 2006

Second-fastest sports car runs on batteries

Entrepreneur sees sports car prototype as fulfilling the need for speed and environmental responsibility, too.
Photos: Speedy and sporty
Video: A spin in Wrightspeed X1
September 29, 2006