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Drew Stearne/CNET

Can we drive 856 miles from England to Austria on one tank of fuel?

CNET Car Tech UK editors Rory Reid and Drew Stearne attempt to drive 856 miles, from England to Austria, on one tank of diesel in a Volvo S60.

History is punctuated by epic journeys. In 1927, Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic. In 1969, Neil Armstrong and chums rocketed almost 250,000 miles to land on the moon. In 2011, Drew Stearne and Rory Reid hopped in a Volvo S60 Drive and attempted to drive from Marlow in England to Mayrhofen in Austria on a single tank of diesel.

Some may argue our mission was less impressive than those of our predecessors--that we were walking on the shoulders of giants. The reality, however, was that our endeavor was far more difficult, as the distance between our start and end points was an incredible 856 miles and the theoretical maximum range of our vehicle was a mere 850 miles. If we were going to succeed, we'd have to boldly drive like no men had driven before.

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