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Camera with GPS logger could help collect crash data

The Voyager Pro Car Camera with GPS logger enables drivers to record up to 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after an accident while recording GPS coordinates.


Needless to say, automobile accidents aren't pleasurable experience. Often, the ordeal devolves into finger-pointing, pitting one person's word against another. By providing in-car video evidence, Voyager hopes to help drivers deal with the situation.

Voyager Pro Car Camera, product shot
Brickhouse Security

The just released Voyager Pro car camera with GPS logger packs an accelerometer that can detect fender benders and triggers a video recording of the 10 seconds leading up to and 20 seconds following an accident. The video is then stored on a removable 1GB SD card.

Additionally, the product lets drivers pinpoint the location of the accident by logging the GPS coordinates for later retrieval using an included software package. It looks like the device only packs a forward-facing camera, so you're still on your own if rear-ended.

If it works as advertised, the Voyager Pro might make dealing with fender benders a little less painful (unless, of course, you're the one at fault).