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Callaway will turn your Corvette into a two-door wagon

The aftermarket tuner replaces the traditional hatch with a carbon-fiber, shooting-brake-style getup.

Want some additional cargo space in your Corvette? Perhaps Callaway's AeroWagen package will get your mojo flowin'.


And here's a GIF, because we can't pass up a good opportunity to make a GIF.


There's at least one human being out there that looked at his or her seventh-generation Chevrolet Corvette and said, "This is good, but it needs a more wagon-like hatch." We know this because aftermarket tuner Callaway is offering exactly that -- a new rear end that turns your Corvette into a shooting brake.

Whether your car is a standard Corvette or a hopped-up Z06, it's eligible for Callaway's AeroWagen package. The package replaces the Corvette's hatch with a single piece of carbon fiber. The hatch functions normally, using OEM seals, hinges and latches. And it's reversible, if you ever change your mind.

It's that straightforward, really. There are no modifications made to the drivetrain or the interior. So it's not like you get extra seats or anything like that. All you get is extra hatch space and one seriously badass silhouette. If you have a thirst for more power, you can mix this package with one of Callaway's modified 'Vettes.

Installation must take place at Callaway's facilities in either Connecticut or California, and the process won't kick off until the fourth quarter of 2016. Callaway didn't mention pricing, but given that it's a small-batch piece of carbon fiber, it's not going to be cheap.