Every Cadillac will offer Super Cruise from 2020

The autonomous technology will also spread to other GM brands from 2020.

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Cadillac Super Cruise

You'll soon be able to drive hands-off like this in every Cadillac model.


Starting in 2020, Cadillac plans to roll out its Super Cruise autonomous-driving technology to all of the brand's models. At the same time, parent company will begin offering Super Cruise on vehicles from other GM brands -- though which models or brands are involved has not yet been specified.

Super Cruise is Cadillac's system that provides hands-free driving in certain situations. On about 130,000 miles of US highways that Cadillac has mapped, the driver can take his or her hands off the wheel while Super Cruise handles steering, braking and acceleration. It uses a high-resolution GPS map, cameras and radar sensors. The driver, however, must be ready to take control at any moment; a small camera watches to make sure the driver is still paying attention to the car's surroundings.

Super Cruise is currently offered only on expensive versions of the Cadillac CT6 luxury sedan, as a $5,000 option package on the $66,290 Premium Luxury model or as standard on the $85,290 Platinum trim level.

Cadillac also announced that it will launch V2X car communication technology on a "high-volume" crossover by 2023 -- though which crossover that will be wasn't specified. V2X technology allows cars to receive information about construction zones, traffic lights and other road hazards. It builds on V2V -- vehicle-to-vehicle -- technology that lets cars transmit data to one another. The Cadillac CTS introduced V2V technology in 2017. And Cadillac had previously experimented with V2I -- vehicle-to-infrastructure -- systems in the CTS.

Super Cruising in the 2018 Cadillac CT6 Platinum

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