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Cadillac Escalade transformed into Monster Truck!

Here's a Cadillac Escalade that no tree or fire hydrant could stop - a mutant monster truck Escalade in action at Lebanon Valley Speedway.

The hot topic that's being discussed all over the 'Net and at water coolers all over the world is how Tiger Woods ended up crashing his 2009 Cadillac Escalade into a now-famous tree in Florida after what is being rumored as a fight with his wife over reports that he'd been steppin' out with another woman. I'll leave all the gossip and speculation on the why's and how's of that situation to TMZ or the National Enquirer. But I'm the type of person who tries to find light and humor in all situations, so I thought I should poke a little fun at this incident with a web video of a Cadillac Escalade that would definitely not be an underdog against a suburban tree, and here 'tis - the Cadillac Escalade monster truck!

This video comes from a monster truck jam at Lebanon Valley Speedway, and we jump in right away with a Cadillac Escalade that's been made into friggin' huge monster truck ready for destruction. It's pretty much standard monster truck fare until about the halfway point when the Escalade takes a jump over some standard automobiles at an odd angle, and ends up flipping over on its side and catching fire for a moment. After determining that driver George Balhan is OK he gives a celebration speech and basks in the moment.