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Cadillac CTS blows off its own doors

Cadillac shows the 2011 CTS Coupe at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe
The 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe debuts at the LA Auto Show. Josh Miller/CNET

The CTS has proven to be one of Cadillac's most versatile cars, and a favorite of the company's designers. The CTS Sedan launched with an extreme example of Cadillac's modern Art and Science design language, giving it a very individual look. Since then, Cadillac has added a Sport Wagon version and the high performance CTS-V. Cadillac further modifies the body with the CTS Coupe, taking the design to even more extreme lengths.

At once shorter and flatter than the CTS Sedan, the Coupe looks almost like a hatchback with the high rise of the trunk lid. Inside seating is in a 2+2 arrangement. Although the front of the car is the same as the CTS Sedan, the sides and rear are new. Along with taking off the rear doors, Cadillac made other design changes, such as taking off the door handles, replacing them with electronic touchpads, and changing the configuration of the exhaust tips.

Inside, the Coupe has the same cabin tech as the Sedan, with hard drive-based navigation with live traffic, onboard music storage, iPod integration, Bose stereo system, and Bluetooth.