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Cadillac is working on a hand-built flagship EV sedan

It's part of an EV onslaught that also includes the Lyriq SUV and an unnamed, larger three-row ute.

You'll be seeing a lot of this badge in the not-too-distant future.

Cadillac gave us our first taste of its future with a teaser previewing the Lyriq electric SUV. But that's not the only car GM's luxury outfit is cooking up. There's also something in the cards that should help everyone remember what Cadillac became famous for -- long, lithe luxury sedans. This one just happens to be electric.

Cadillac on Wednesday let slip some details about an upcoming electric flagship sedan. Called the Celestiq at the moment, it's a throwback to Cadillac's heyday. We can't show you any pictures of it, but after being shown a clay mockup, we're impressed. There's a long hood and a dramatic, sloping roof that, according to editor Craig Cole, looks like a Hudson Hornet or Commodore sedan. It wears the same new Cadillac grille as the Lyric crossover, for a bit of familial familiarity.

The automaker tells us that the Celestiq previews a future flagship four-door, and that the production model will look a fair bit like what we were shown. We also know that it will pack an electric drivetrain, and that it will be built by hand in a location that will likely end up being Detroit.

This isn't some potential moon shot, either. "We're going to build this car," said Mark Reuss, GM's president, to a group of assembled media at the automaker's Warren Tech Center.

In addition to the Celestiq, Cadillac also previewed a new large SUV. This one doesn't have a name yet (it'll probably end in Q when it does), but it feels to us like a future electric Escalade -- or perhaps an electric analogue offered alongside. With a tall body and dramatic proportions, and riding on the same platform that will underpin the upcoming GMC Hummer EV, it should slot in size between the short- and long-wheelbase Escalade. As with other approaching Cadillacs, there's a massive screen on the dashboard, too.

Finally, we were given the opportunity to learn a little more about the Lyriq utility vehicle. In addition to taking in some of its exterior cues, including a light-up badge, a full glass roof and a fast roofline, GM also showed off some of the interior. Like the 2021 Escalade, there's a curved OLED screen in the cabin, but the real interesting bit lies in the wood trim, which has cutaways of various sizes that let ambient light shine through. While what we saw was a concept, Cadillac claims the design is about 95% ready for production.

The Lyriq's sole teaser to date is a pretty big departure from Cadillac's current design language.

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