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You can finally buy a used Tesla Model X...for $215,000

One owner is selling his Signature Edition electric crossover with an $80,800 markup.


Occasionally, it pays to be an early adopter. In the case of one Tesla Model X owner, it really pays -- to the tune of about $80,000. After realizing they "don't really need an SUV," the owner took to Panjo to offload it, potentially netting one heck of a short-term return.

The listing, which is still active, is offering the red-exterior, black-interior Model X Signature Edition for $215,000 or best offer. The Signature Edition is a limited-edition vehicle, to be fair -- as was the Model S Signature Edition before it -- but a markup equal to 60 percent of the car's $134,200 MSRP is a hefty sum to ask.

This specific Model X is loaded up with goodies like matte wood trim, six seats, air suspension, high-end audio and the Subzero Weather Package. It's a delectable offering for those interested in bypassing the whole process of ordering a Model X and waiting for it to be built. The company is still ramping up its production scheme, so it could very well be worth the extra coin to skip the line.

Tesla offers no limitations on what its owners do with its vehicles after purchase. So, even if this owner did manage to forget what large-vehicle ownership entails between placing and receiving their order, there's no stopping them from flipping the car for a profit.