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Buy a Fiat Abarth, get a free day of performance driving instruction

If you purchase or lease a Fiat 500 Abarth or a 124 Spider Abarth, you'll get a free day of learnin' courtesy of Bob Bondurant.

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Sadly, you cannot order your Abarth with the Bondurant livery.


Traditionally, the act of purchasing a car and receiving a free day of professional driving instruction is limited to high-end sports cars -- your BMW Ms, your Mercedes-AMGs, and so on. Fiat hasn't forgotten about the hoi polloi, though, so if you pick up a new Abarth model, you'll receive a one-day lesson from Bondurant.

If you purchase or lease a Fiat 500 Abarth (MSRP: $22,575) or a 124 Spider Abarth ($28,195), you'll receive a free, high-performance driving lesson from the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving. If you don't want the car but still want to get your learn on, you can purchase a session, too. The program kicks off in November.

There's a lot of learnin' to be done in just one day. There are a number of instructor-led activities planned for that single day, including slaloms, skid pads, autocross, rallycross and hot laps. There's an optional second day, as well, which covers a 200-ish-mile road rally around Arizona.

That's the only catch -- Bondurant is located in Chandler, Arizona. While you get the instruction for free, travel and hotel costs aren't included, so there will be some ponying-up of dough involved. But considering Bondurant programs aren't exactly cheap, you're still getting a decent deal, and you can't put a cost on becoming a better driver.