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Busch and Vickers mouth off at Carfax 250

This last weekend at the Carfax 250 in Michigan, Brad Keselowski came away with the victory. But perhaps the real story was the heated altercation between Kyle Busch and Brian Vickers following a series of moves that allowed Keselowski to move ahead to v

Y'know, I had made a plan not to discuss NASCAR events within the (very) near future. And luckily, for the last couple weeks NASCAR events haven't necessarily been all that noteworthy to this writer. But the stir stemming from the 2009 Carfax 250 in Michigan (as part of the NASCAR Nationwide Series, to be official) was a story I couldn't resist covering.

It all came down to the final lap at Michigan International Speedway this last weekend, with Brian Vickers and Kyle Busch jockeying for the number one position. Vickers manages to push out of the way toward the apron in attempt to officially take the lead, and within this entanglement Brad Keselowski manages to take advantage and get the lead spot and in short order gets the checkered flag and the victory. But after the final lap is done, notoriously hot-tempered NASCAR bad boy Kyle Busch makes it a point to jump out of his vehicle to mouth off at Brian Vickers for costing himself (and possibly Vickers) a win at the race. You can see this confrontation at about the :50 second mark of this video. Afterward, both drivers inject their insight as to what happened in the race, and their feelings about the subsequent altercation.