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Bury device reads BlackBerry e-mails to you

You don't have to throw down for a new BMW to get BlackBerry phone integration. An aftermarket device by Bury also reads your BlackBerry e-mails out loud.

The Bury CC 9060 IQ voice-activated Bluetooth device with touch-screen.
The Bury CC 9060 IQ voice-activated Bluetooth device with touch-screen.

BMW may be the only current manufacturer to offer an infotainment system that reads your BlackBerry e-mails to you, but an aftermarket device offers that same capability without the $50,000 investment.

The Bury CC 9060 IQ is a voice-activated touch-screen device that you attach to your car's dashboard. The CC 9060 IQ works with several smartphones, offering hands-free calling and memo recording functionality.

With some phones, the device offers text-to-speech capability, reading text messages back to you. And if you're using a BlackBerry, the Bury CC 9060 IQ can read your e-mails out loud.

Drivers juggling more than one phone for work will appreciate the device's multipoint functionality that lets two smartphones connect at the same time. Not all smartphones work with the SMS and e-mail read back feature, so before buying you will want to check the phone compatibility list (PDF) to see what features work with your phone.

Bury offers another aftermarket device that integrates with iPod and iPhone. When paired, the Bury CC 9060 Music lets you use voice commands to select a song, artist, album, or genre from your iPod or iPhone, and displays the tracks on the touch screen.

Both Bury devices integrate with your car's stereo system, and lower music volume when making or receiving phone calls. Although not listed in the specs, a YouTube video shows that the Bury will also mute music when turn-by-turn directions are announced on a Droid Incredible with external audio turned on.