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Bugatti sends first Chiron hypercars to 3 very lucky owners

I don't want to know what these people had to do (or pay) to be first in line.

It must be a real nice day when Bugatti rings you up and says, "Your Chiron is on its way."

That's what three lucky owners just heard, as Bugatti has finally shipped off the first three examples of its 1,500-horsepower hypercar. With a 0-60 time of 2.3 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 260 mph, it shouldn't have any trouble getting out in a hurry.

The first three owners are scattered around Europe and the Middle East. But, if Bugatti's production ramp-up is to be believed, up to 70 owners will get their Chirons by year's end. Building the Bugatti Chiron is an intense process that takes about nine months from the time a prospective owner starts configuring colors and interior materials.

The whole process is a ballet of hand assembly and modern technology. You can check out the gallery below to get an abridged rundown of exactly what it takes to bolt the Bugatti Chiron together.