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Bugatti invites the internet to watch new model premiere at Monterey

The company is keen to highlight ties to the EB 110.

Bugatti's had a busy 2019 as it celebrates its 110th birthday, but the festivities aren't over yet. This coming Monday, Bugatti has a new car to reveal during Monterey Car Week.

The French supercar maker kept things short and sweet in a release on Wednesday. It confirmed we'll see a new model of sorts introduced during the ultraposh event and invited the internet to watch a livestream of the happenings. Bugatti will host the video directly on its website.

Along with a video hyping the new car, the company also included a single photo from the video of what is certainly the car coming to Monterey. Rather than a traditional teaser complete with dark lighting and shadows, the automaker decided to show us what looks like a sculpture version. The front is pretty well put together with block pieces, but the rear starts to disintegrate into various pieces that, overall, totally obstructs the car's final shape.

Judging by the teaser, it's safe to say we're looking at another model based on the Chiron supercar. Recall, Bugatti said it was ready to jump back into the practice of coachbuilding, and so far, we've seen the debuts of the Divo and La Voiture Noir. Coachbuilding is the practice of using an identical chassis with a different body style atop it. This will be the third model based on the Chiron.

We have to assume there are ties between it and the EB 110 -- the sole supercar Bugatti built in the 1990s before it folded for a second time and Volkswagen Group purchased the marque. The video supplied shows a lot of footage of the EB 110's reveal and clips of the supercar racing on the track. The EB 110 was so good that famed Formula One driver Michael Schumacher actually purchased one over rival high-performance supercars of the time. That's one heck of a blessing.

We'll know more on Monday as we descend on California and get a look at whatever Bugatti has up its sleeve for ourselves.

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