Bugatti Chiron Sport to make its US debut in New York

Bugatti first showed its technological terror in Geneva but now we're getting our first stateside peek at it at the New York Auto Show.

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Kyle Hyatt

Adding "Sport" to the end of a car model is usually reserved for lesser vehicles, like a 2003 Ford Explorer or a mid-nineties Accent. Adding it to a car that costs several million dollars and makes around 1,500 horsepower seems kind of unnecessary, and yet that's exactly what Bugatti did with the Chiron Sport, which will be making its US debut in New York.

Bugatti reveals Chiron Sport with $3.26M price tag

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Just as a refresher, the standard Bugatti Chiron is an exquisitely constructed carbon fiber land-based missile that is marketed and sold pretty much exclusively to plutocrats. Bugatti has committed to making a few hundred of these "Standard" Chirons but has also decided to cut around 40 pounds of weight out of the car, add torque-vectoring, stiffer suspension and some new aero bits, then charge an extra $400,000 and call it the Chiron Sport.

The Chiron Sport debuted at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month and, if anything, it's prettier than the standard Chiron, which is vastly more attractive than the now-positively-ancient Veyron that it replaced. Now it will be shown at the New York Auto Show in one of the most important markets for Bugatti, the US of A. In fact, the 12 US Bugatti dealers are responsible for 30 percent of all Bugatti sales worldwide.

So, if you want to see a Chiron Sport in person, head on down to the Javits Center in New York City for the auto show, because it very well may be your only chance to do so.