Bugatti can track your Chiron's health from across the planet

When you pay millions for a car, this is the kind of service you should expect.

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There are plenty of new cars that will tell you which tire is low on pressure, or that it's time to schedule an oil change. But if you own a Bugatti Chiron, the car's telemetry is a bit more... involved.

Bugatti's telemetry system takes things to another level. Real-time telemetry is transmitted to Bugatti's headquarters, where technicians can see how vehicles are operating in real time. As an example, Bugatti used a story where a customer in the Gulf region received a phone call from Bugatti saying that he should get the tire topped off before his next trip. That's service.

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It's always hard to display telemetry in a photo. Bugatti took the "let's just throw some numbers on a picture" route.


As long as the Chiron is in an area with mobile coverage, it transmits information to and from Bugatti's HQ. It monitors thousands of signals in the vehicle, so that owners can be made aware of any problem at any time. The Veyron had a similar service, but its data wasn't transmitted in real time, like the Chiron.

The system works alongside a network of "flying doctors" -- technicians that are ready to hop on a plane at a moment's notice in order to service one of these million-dollar vehicles. These techs can meet an owner at a local Bugatti dealership or, if that isn't possible, the owner's home.

Bugatti's telemetry also provides stolen vehicle assistance, much like other modern systems from mass-market automakers. But the Chiron's system is also able to notify Bugatti when "unusual" events transpire -- such as the vehicle being transported by truck when it ordinarily wouldn't be. This means stolen-vehicle tracking doesn't need to wait until an owner realizes a car's been stolen.

This may sound like a privacy issue waiting to happen, but Bugatti is quick to point out that all Chiron owners must give consent ahead of signing a vehicle contract, so everyone knows what's happening.

It's sensible that an owner would expect the highest level of service when buying a vehicle with a purchase price involving more than one comma. But even when it comes to the tech you don't see, Bugatti's not messing around.

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