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British inventor builds 25-seater motorbike

Serial nutter Colin Furze has built the longest bike in the world -- a 23-metre-long monstrosity capable of seating 25 passengers.

British nutter inventor Colin Furze is at it again. The man who created (and was arrested for) the flame-throwing moped, and raced a 71mph mobility scooter against a plane has just created the world's longest motorbike. Why? Why the Furze not?

Furze, a plumber by trade, built the would-be death-trap to smash his own record for the longest motorbike set in 2009. While that bike, however, constructed from a pair of Honda Sky mopeds, was a mere 14 metres in length, this new model measures a whopping 22.8 metres and can seat 25 people.

It was built from two Direct Bikes City Scooters -- one for the front and one for the rear -- and a 20-metre-long frame with padded seats for those brave enough to sit in the middle. Sadly, the laws of physics prevent the contraption from being ridden by all 25 passengers at once -- it would simply sag in the middle -- but Furze has been able to pilot the thing single-handedly, albeit with some degree of difficulty.

The Furzemeister managed to get the bike up to what must have been a terrifying 35mph. "It's not too bad once you get going," he said. "But the frame bounces around a bit. If it wants to fall over it will." Luckily, he managed to keep it under control, riding the contraption for a full mile, which should secure him another place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Furze is, we think you'll agree, quite insane -- but the lovable type of insane like Charlie Sheen, Ian Holloway or Jim Carey's face. Colin, we salute you -- may you never seek mental help.

Image credit: Geoff Robinson Photography