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Bringing your crappy junker to Dream Cruise? Chevrolet's got you covered

Chevrolet is once again operating its service trucks along Woodward Avenue, in the event your classic car isn't as reliable as you think it is.

Don't worry about giving them some b.s. excuse like, "My gas gauge only recently stopped working." They've heard it all before.


Everyone likes to think the car they worked on with blood, sweat and tears is the end-all, be-all of cars. But, it's still a mechanical object, and it's still prone to failure. If you're bringing your classic car to Michigan for the annual Woodward Dream Cruise, Chevrolet's once again stepping in to add a little peace of mind in the event something goes wrong.

The automaker will have six Rescue Squad vehicles -- 2016 Chevrolet Silverados, to be specific -- rolling up and down Woodward Avenue on Saturday, August 20. Inside each truck are ASE-certified mechanics from local dealerships who volunteer their time to help stranded car owners. It doesn't matter if you drive a Chevrolet, a Ford or anything else, they'll see if they can help.

Of course, if you need a whole new wiring harness, or you've punched a hole in your block the size of Montana, they can't spend 40 straight hours building you back to prime condition. But if you stall, overheat or run out of gas, they're capable of helping out. Chevrolet expects some 40,000 classic cars to descend on Woodward, so it's all but statistic inevitability that somebody will need some assistance.

Chevrolet's also offered up some pretty straightforward advice ahead of this year's Dream Cruise. Namely, top off your fluids and tires, check your battery charge and ensure you've got some quality wiper blades slapped on. Hell, that's not just smart advice for classic car owners -- that's sage wisdom to anybody with a horseless carriage, classic or not.

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