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Brembo debuts RGB motorcycle brake caliper concept

You got your gaming PC all over my motorcycle!

There are few things more jewelrylike on a motorcycle than a beautiful set of Brembo brake calipers perched at the front wheel. They send a message that the bike is probably of a reasonably high quality and also that it likely came to party. It's kind of like having a sweet new gaming PC with tons of coordinated RGB LEDs in it.

Someone in Italy must have thought the same thing because Brembo announced its G Sessanta concept brake calipers on Wednesday, and they have Bluetooth-enabled RGB LEDs built right into them.

Do these sweet LEDs add some kind of functional benefit? Not really -- unless they flash under hard braking -- but I guess they do add some degree of conspicuousness, and that's one of the best things you can have when it comes to staying safe on a motorcycle.

The G Sessanta calipers would connect with a Brembo app that would enable you to change the color of the lighting, and Brembo suggests that it could be used to find a parked bike or even tell the rider about the condition of the calipers.

Is this tech all a little silly? Yes. Will we see it on bikes soon? Likely not. Do I kind of want it? Absolutely.

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