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Breaker, (circuit) breaker: Mercedes debuts all-electric Urban eTruck

eTruck? Really? We couldn't have come up with a name that's a little less 1998?

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok
Daimler Urban eTruck
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Daimler Urban eTruck

I'm not entirely sure why it's camouflaged. Are we not supposed to know it's a truck?


Part of Tesla's second "master plan" involves creating an all-electric truck, but it's certainly not going to be the first automaker to build one. That honor goes to Daimler, parent company of Mercedes-Benz, which has already unveiled an all-electric Urban eTruck.

Until recently, capacity and cost have limited the use of electric drivetrains in large vehicles, but as that tech has improved, its use in trucks is finally being realized. Three lithium-ion battery modules work together to provide an all-electric range of about 124 miles, which Daimler claims is the average daily delivery route for similar trucks.

The batteries hang out inside the truck's frame, in what Daimler calls a "crash-proof location." The motors tasked with providing forward thrust are tucked away by the wheel hubs, similar to Mercedes' Citaro hybrid bus. The Urban eTruck's gross vehicle weight is 26 metric tons, or about 57,000 pounds.

The Urban eTruck is, as its name suggests, largely for city duty, as its limited range still prevents long-haul trucking from taking advantage of a battery-electric drivetrain. There's no mention of how long it will take to charge the truck, but even with today's fastest chargers, it will likely take several hours. There's no word on its official battery capacity, but nevertheless it's exciting to see industry developments making their way to new segments.

The Urban eTruck is your all-electric truck of the future

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