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Brake, broke: Nissan recalls Pathfinder crossovers for stuck brake lights

Nearly 80,000 vehicles are affected.

The 2013 Pathfinder showcases what is nothing less than Pathfinder re-imagined - a next-gen SUV with an unparalleled balance of capability, premium comfort and advanced, user-friendly technology.
Nissan, Wieck

Have you ever run across a two-footed driver that can't seem to lift his or her foot off the brake pedal, no matter how fast the road speed? Having a set of constantly illuminated brake lights in front of you can be quite disconcerting, and it's more than enough reason to spur Nissan to issue a recall.

Nissan's latest recall covers 79,853 examples of the 2013-2014 Pathfinder crossover. The recalled vehicles have build dates between 20 June 2012 and 13 June 2013. These cars are being recalled because the brake lights might stay on when the vehicle is in motion, thanks to an incorrectly installed brake light switch.

The issue may also affect the car's brake-shift interlock, which normally forces a driver to put his or her foot on the brake before certain shifts. As a result, people may get out of the car without the vehicle being in Park. Between that and the fact that constant brake lights might lull following drivers into a false sense of security, preventing them from responding correctly in an emergency, Nissan's issuing this recall.

The fix is pretty simple. All Nissan needs to do is replace a relay in the system, and everything will once again function as normal. Nissan expects the recall to begin in late July, so recall notices should be mailed out soon.