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Brabus brings sporty touches back to 2017 Smart Fortwo

The famous Mercedes tuner lends its name to a sport package for Smart vehicles, which makes your car seem a lot meaner than it actually is.

It's actually pretty sharp in this matte finish.


I'll be honest -- if you're looking to have a sporty car, a Smart Fortwo is probably not the place to start. It's a little cartoonish, and it's not particularly quick or engaging. Nevertheless, Mercedes tuner Brabus has once again lent its name to a sporty upgrade for Smart's offerings.

The Brabus Sport Package is a $1,900 option for the 2017 Smart Fortwo coupe and convertible, no matter the transmission or trim level. It bulks up the car's appearance with new matte-gray wheels on summer tires, a matte-gray rear diffuser, a Brabus front spoiler and rear apron.

The interior is equally decked out, with a Brabus three-spoke steering wheel and loads of Brabus logos to, I don't know, show off to your friends? The pedals are made of stainless steel, and if you don't have the manual transmission, you get paddle shifters.

Thankfully, there are some performance modifications to keep this car from being all bark and no bite. A sportier suspension lowers the car by 0.4 inches. A stiffer sway bay and Brabus-tuned dampers make the ride sportier (read: more uncomfortable), but it'll definitely handle better than it did before.

The Brabus Sport Package will be available starting in the fall.

Smart Fortwo with Brabus Sport Package

Paddle shifters! Fancy.

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