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Bougie baby: Land Rover shows off 'all-terrain' stroller

It's the furthest thing from inexpensive, but most of us have spent more on less.

Land Rover

Automakers don't just deal in products for adults with driving licenses. Sometimes, they aim to hook kids while they're young -- in Land Rover's case, very young.

Land Rover teamed up with iCandy to launch the iCandy Peach All-Terrain Special Edition stroller, or as it's referred to overseas, a pushchair. It's not going to traverse a mountain on its own, but rather, it takes elements from Land Rover's style and adopts them into a format that still somehow ends up costing a fair bit of money.

At the least, it's cheaper than most everything else with a Land Rover badge on it.

Land Rover

The hood fabric of the stroller is meant to resemble a Land Rover grille. There's some fancy stitching on the seats, just like a Land Rover, and a separate rucksack lets parents stock a whole day's worth of adventure-related items in the stroller's basket. The plastic tires look pretty meaty, and the baby's harness looks like a five-point harness used by racecar drivers and hardcore off-roaders.

This stroller also happened to be the first one ever unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, although that's more of a fun fact than anything. The strollers go on sale in early 2018, and you can pick one up for the Land Rover-appropriate price of £1,500 ($2,035, directly converted).